4A032 Continental Military Engine - Has it been tried?

I have a 4A032 32CI flat-4 engine that has a very small carb. It’s rated at 6HP, but everyone is getting 14+HP by upgrading the carb. Has anyone tried FI on one of these engines?

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Interesting engine you have there, No idea if anyone has put FI onto one of these, but doing a bit of google fu, the engine is 524cc, so seems like the carb is a restriction, most likely so that it can be rock solid and reliable.Also looks like it was used as a generator.

A few mods increase fuel efficiency and volumetric efficiency.
Seems like a good candidate for FI which would probably increase it even more.

Looks like some people have put the engine into ride on lawn mowers, but im thinking stick it into a buggy, FI and a nice exhaust, and it will have a Subaru/Volkswagen flat 4 sound, be nice and responsive, and lots of fun.

I’m thinking airboat.