Arctic cat sno pro 500 EFI

Hello everyone!!!

I think have a perfect candidate to NanoEFI…

2010 Arctic cat sno pro 500 EFI snowmobile (2 cylinder 2 stroke engine with a 8000 max rpm) battery less system, it already have a 45 psi injection pump and regulator, twin injectors, throttle body with TPS, water temp sensor and air intake sensor but no oxygen sensor (could be installed on the Y pipe).

The engine have been rebuilt by the precedent owner, who was thinking that the engine was the problem, but the problem was actually coming from the magic black box… I have opened the ECM to try to fix it with no luck… so far…

I have already mapped all the wiring to the ECU (see attached pictures) since this snowmobile is battery less, I have multiple alternator coil to supply power to everything we need

List of alternator coil
-Fuel pump coil “fuel pump supply” (was rectified and regulated by the original ECU)
-Charge coil “Ignition power supply”
-Injector coil “Injector power supply”
-Pulser coil “Ignition timming”
-Lighting coil “14V power supply for lights and hand warmer”
-ECU coil “ECU power supply”

I will take care to build the rectifier regulator for the fuel pump and the ECU power supply, build or purchase a CDI and I will let NanoEFI control the heart of the machine

I’m ready to be a beta tester if you want or to purchase one to try it out… I can’t wait to put my hand on it !!!

By the way, I’m french… so some sentence might be weird… I know :laughing:

@Max Welcome to the forums.

That is an awesome looking machine you have there, and it already had all the sensors, less the oxygen sensor.
A rectifier and battery might be needed for nano, but @TravisNano will be the one to know this.

That ecu doesn’t look in a good way, judging from the plug, either fatigue from age, or things have gotten hot.

Have a look around the forums, there are a few interesting projects on the go.