Connector multiplication

I ran out of 3-pin connectors over the weekend and needed a quick supply. Had one left and my caliper set nearby, so…

Might have gotten a little carried away… I only needed two :sweat_smile:


You make it sound too easy.

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Meh, if you’re going to make one may as well make a couple dozen, right? It’s just not worth the time to wait next time the problem crops up! :grin:

When you’re in a bind you have to beg, borrow, or … something else, i forget.It’s not important. :innocent:

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Well… I just couldn’t help jumping down the rabbit hole to see what we can do with such small features. Turned out really good actually, and feels we’re just scratching the surface. The Prusa keeps impressing.

Not saying I’m planning to print our own connectors for NanoEFI. But I am curious what could come of this. Permanently labeled connectors would go a solid step above printed heatshrink.



3d printed label plugs knocks it up a notch, without it pushing up production price. (I’m assuming that harnesses will be hand assembled, and then printed labels added, so also saving time.)

Heck yes it does. This is what most electrical harnesses are missing, frankly.
One can understand the problems sourcing and implementing this at scale, but those problems should also be relatively simple to solve. I mean how much could a CNC engraver cost, at the simplest?

How has this not already become standard in automotive manufacturing… It’s like reflection but for wiring.

Having been a robot in a previous life assembling vehicles, only a few different harnesses for different spec.
Also manufacturers don’t want you to easily modify or upgrade things, that eats into their profits if you do it and not them.