CR125r 2002

I recently picked up a decent 2002 cr125 2 stroke and was looking to fuel inject it. I came across this forum and thought it would be fun to be a test dummy!

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Greetings! I love your idea and your bike. As a long time 2 stroker and FI player, I like your idea, but warn that you need to know everything about that engines pumping abilities and spark control, before you try to toss in FI. It is a bit easier on a WOT application, but if you need to feather throttle controls and have good response just on or just off throttle…you really need to know what is happening. Knowledge and testing equipment/sensor feedback.
However, if you do? Go for it! I am playing with both 2 and 4T small bore engines.

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Welcome to the forum @Holtsie!

In past posts, @TravisNano has been pretty positive about the ability for nanoEFI to handle 2-stroke motors.
With a motor this small, and it being a pure offroad bike, your biggest hurdle is going to be getting enough electrical power to run the fuel pump at idle. Others have suggested a supplementary battery (like getting 2 lithiums to replace your lead-acid battery) as a possible solution.

Any electrical diagrams you can post will help find a solution.

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It may be possible to contact RMStator in Canada and have them wind some custom Lighting coils to give you a higher wattage? I will be using a 12 magnet rotor and 200 watt stator that was custom wound for a banshee from them.