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Hello Travis,
I know you don’t want to give a date when there will be a finished product to order but the development has now being going on for more than 5 years. There is a lot of us who is waiting to order. I am building a quite unusual bike and the engine will be a supercharged Matchless G80 with intercooler. I need to know if it the Nano Efi will be available in, shall we say, three months? Otherwise I have to start looking for other solutions but I would love to have the Nano Efi. It will make everything much easier and more precise. There have to triggers for the ignition, adapters for the intake and other things that I have to manufacture. I just want to know the plan. Best regards Jan Fornander, Sweden.


Just signed up here so I could add my support to what Jan has said. I have been quietly watching and waiting as my deadline approaches. In my case, I’m wishing to replace the factory ECU on a 2011 Kawasaki 650 twin with an ECU that I can tune. March 2021 is about as late as I’d be able to wait.

Should I be looking for other options?

Hi @Janne and welcome @16VGTIDave :wave:

In order to have any kind of solid projected timeframe, it would really come down to securing a big infusion of cash. Enough that I can quit everything else and focus full time on development (and then manufacturing).

Until then, progress will continue to plot along slow and steady at a rate that I can afford both the time off (to develop) and actual money to purchase tooling, equipment, and materials.

Our Patreon contributors have made a huge difference especially in 2020. Right now the $360 or so in contributions cover the monthly expenses like the website and forum hosting, Fusion 360 license, and other necessary services. What’s left over goes to ordering stuff like hardware, components and materials for R&D.

We have a stable situation, which falls in the category of “Good + Cheap”.


If we try to move the needle towards the Good and Fast category, not only will development costs be more expensive, but it may actually drive up the final price of the kit itself. For this reason, I’ve already refused multiple investment offers. And (probably) won’t accept any partners at any point. I don’t want any external influences rushing a return on their investment… and that could happen in various forms whether in raising kit prices, or cutting corners, etc.

Overall I’m happy with the balance we’re striking right now and where it’s leading us. The longer timeframe is only really a potential issue when it comes to respecting our contributors on Patreon. So I encourage supporters to contribute for as long as comfortable, and no more. Those benefits are locked in :handshake: (Thanks guys.)

With that said, over the last month I’ve started producing and selling batches of wiring harnesses for some specific small engines through NanoEFI, LLC, using the equipment and materials we scored over the summer. I’m hoping that having side products selling will help multiply our contributions and leverage NanoEFI (the company) into a cash flow position that’ll really get things moving.

The difference between “fast” and “slow” progress really just comes down generating enough funds one way or another to pay myself a reasonable salary. That way I’ll be able to turn down other jobs and work on NanoEFI full time. Sales are stronger than I’d expected so soon, and already boosting NanoEFI’s bank account significantly. It’s exciting!

At this point I’d say go for an existing option if time is a constraint. I don’t think NanoEFI will lose its appeal even if you get started on another system.

And I mean… looking at the numbers, we’re on track for the NanoEFI ECU itself to priced retail about the same as a Chinese carburetor on Amazon, lol. So at that point if you already have an injection system installed and want to switch over, IMO you won’t be looking at a significant hit to the wallet at that point.

Plus, I’d love to hear what you like and dislike about other setups.

Hi, I’m watching NANOEFI too. So that I don’t stand idly by until someone prepares something for me, I have built a Speeduino NO2C unit so far. So far, everything is working on my desk, but I think that my KAWASAKI KLE500 will serve well. It is always possible to replace the control unit with another. :smiley:

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Go for it! and keep us posted. I have a great deal of respect for Josh and his efforts.

Absolutely! I’m still on target for the NanoEFI ECU to be priced very low. It makes sense to get started initially on a different system if you’re otherwise ready to go. And swap ECUs later.

And the feedback of what you did and did not like in the experience would be of tremendous help as well.