Fuel injection for a prototype hybrid fuel/electric rotary

I am developing a prototype hybrid fuel/electric engine that I designed and patented. I am at the stage of getting it to run on fuel, and your system looks promising. See www.werepower.com

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my browser gives that this site is risky to visit? :thinking:

that is because it is a self signed certificate, it is safe to visit

This looks great @ells5916, very interesting! Although I’m not personally familiar with the technical operation of rotary engines, I love them as a concept. I’d like to explore what you’d need from an engine management system. I might have most of the functionality already built in to NanoEFI.

Also yes, I’ve been having problems accessing the site as well and gave up for a bit. Have you considered Let’s Encrypt for free signed certs? They’re really easy to get setup.

In either case, congratulations on the project and prototype! I’ll stay tuned to your progress.

I plan on using (2) 28 mm throttle bodies, with fuel injectors. Both injectors will inject at the same time, once every rotation, as well as 2 spark plugs sparking at the same time each revolution.

I see you might have 24 mm throttle bodies available, these would work well for my prototype, even better than the 28 mm I was considering. Nano EFI looks to be the system I need, I am considering another system, but would prefer yours if it is going to be available soon. Can you give me some indication of pricing?

Here is a shot of where I am going to mount my throttle bodies, they will go between the stainless( 4,000 psi rated check valve) and the brass barb fitting will go on top of the throttle body to provide forced air. The brass/copper fittings you see on either side are air injection ports, to provide cooling/exhaust flushing forced air. There are 12 of those, 6 per rotor. You can just see the electric motor coils to the left of the air injector on the left.


I believe 26mm is the smallest I can easily source (at least for now). The 24mm I posted before was a custom throttle body I was looking at having produced. Since then, the small bore EFI component market has really opened up and a lot of throttle body sizes are available from suppliers off-the-shelf. This should only get better with time.

I’d love to see it running with NanoEFI. Don’t let me hold you back though, as I don’t have an ETA for release yet. Here’s a more in-depth answer on the timeframe for availability.

It may be a good idea to get started with the other system first. You can use it as a baseline for comparison in deciding which is better for your needs. And if we win out, then switch over to NanoEFI when things are ready to roll.

Depends on the specific components you’ll end up needing. The full retail price for a complete NanoEFI kit (single cylinder GY6) is still on target under the $240 price of the Chinese EFI kits. There will be discounts based on volume for dealers as well.