Gsx-s150 or Gsx-r150

Hi to everyone

i’m interesting in learning about electroning fuel inyection. I have an suzuki gsx-s150, I want to improve the hps and torque of my bike.

The bike have AN 147CC DOHC ENGINE
18.9 HPS
14 NM / 10.3 lbft


Hi there and welcome to the forum.
Nice looking bike you have there.
The nanoEfi project is still under development, and inching closer to the next stage.
There are quite a few of us that are eager to try it out, in the hopes of improving fuel economy, better reliability, and improve the power and torque outputs of our respective machines.
Have a look around the forums, there is now a large variety of projects, ranging from road/trail bikes, all the way to aircraft.

Welcome @jamoreno930!

I’m not going to say that nanoEFI can’t work for you (i don’t think that’s true), or that you can’t learn anything here (that definitely wouldn’t be true). I don’t think it’d even be fair to say that your goal couldn’t be accomplished by nanoEFI (after all, emissions regulations are likely to have resulted in your bike being somewhat lean in areas it could make more power in order to meet emissions targets).

Just be aware, nanoEFI is primarily designed around replacing carburetors on small engines. This bike definitely checks the small engine box, but it’s a newer bike which already has EFI. If you’re looking for tuning your bike and getting a custom ECU that’s user programmable, then nanoEFI can likely fit into your bike. The caveat is that there will be some custom re-wiring necessary, as ECUs are not plug-n-play nor connector compatible (wouldn’t that be nice?). On the other hand, as all the necessary sensors already exists, this is likely to be somewhat easier than on the carbureted machines, some of which will actually need entire wiring harnesses designed.

If you want to tinker, then nanoEFI may eventually be for you. The good news is, as it’s already EFI, most of the concerns around whether it can be fit to your bike are moot, as you’ll already have adequate generator capacity to generate fuel pressure at idle, and already have necessary timing sensors to control ignition.

I’m not sure how far down the line @TravisNano is in providing features like ignition advance or accounting for timing advance (does it have timing advance?) so those may actually result in a reduction in power from your stock ECU until they are added.

I’m mostly guarded because the GSX-x150 bikes are using engine technology in the same pedigree as the hayabusa, which is one of the most advanced small engines on the planet.

Of course, I don’t say any of this to discourage you from giving nanoEFI a try, but more to give you some ideas of where to start researching how to make it work!

Thanks for the advices.
A Programmable ECU that is going to be affortable it makes possible to everyone to have one. Then spending time and work with the wirings and Connections could be done.

I dont know it have advance timming and ignition from stock ecu. Never got that info.
There are a few Programmable ECU (aracer speedtek) but I think is expensive.

Emissions regulations here in Colombia is not a concernd.
I forgot to mention that the bike weights 130kg stock but I made some mimor mods. Current is around 125kg or 275 lb

It sounds like you’re cognizant of constraints, i’m really looking forward to seeing how your project shapes up once nanoEFI is available.

Yeah, this is one of the primary goals @TravisNano is targeting for the project. There are several systems available to address converting from carburetors as well, but as you mention here, all of them are rather pricey.