Just found out about this.. Here's a few questions

Just discovered this. Read a whole bunch for about an hour. I’ve still got a bunch of questions.

  1. Does the unit control spark also, including advance? If so is advance table based so it can be changed per RPM? (could also be used as limiter by retarding timing)
  2. Is it possible to use other throttle bodies built in China (available on Ali express) as I’ve seen there a wide variety available in much larger sizes that would suite dirtbikes better?
  3. Is it possible to cut fuel based on rpm to use that as a Rev limiter?
  4. Also will firmware be updatable?
    I’ve been looking into converting a Kohler k241 garden tractor engine (with points and an engine driven pump) or possibly a KLX 300 or similar dirtbike. Feel free to link me to other pages if it appears I didn’t read them.


Yes, yes. Yes (and yes!)

All of the above. Ignition advance is table-based, with RPM versus load. The ECU drives an external CDI which handles the high voltage stuff. We control its timing and tell it exactly when to fire. So, we turn just about any “dumb” CDI into a “smart” CDI, and keep it cheap & easy to replace down the road.

So no expensive or special CDI is needed. Just about any standard unit is compatible, even many stockers.

It’s been suggested a few times that I should make a proprietary NanoEFI CDI and upsell it as an addon with the kit for more $$$, but I won’t hype up something that doesn’t actually add value. All the timing magic is in the ECU and won’t cost you a single cent extra.

As long as standard sensors are used that won’t be a problem. If you do run into problems it’ll mostly be an issue of scaling, for example an NTC temperature sensor with a different resistance than ~1K.

Yes, I’ll have fuel cut settings coded in before BETA hits. I haven’t needed to implement any rev limiting yet due to my V-Twin test engine having its own governor.

Yep, our ECU has a full blown WiFi/internet connectivty, so updates and tuning are real strong points for NanoEFI. It’s all completely wireless right off the board, with no physical connection or extra dongles. No data cables, adapters, USB ports to wear out, break, or eventually have to jiggle to get just right.

When you want to update to a new firmware release, your ECU connects to nanoefi.com and handles the entire firmware flashing process with “one click”, downloading and burning the code automatically. No fiddling with settings, baud rates, com ports, or anything else technical.

So for example:

  1. Turn the key on to power the ECU;
  2. Open Airtune (online), select the target ECU and desired release version;
  3. Hit the “update” button. Bam. :boom: That’s it.

Watch the progress bar fill up and you’re ready. :sunglasses:

OTA in Airtune2

OTA in Airtune3

And as a bonus, you can’t possibly brick the processor while updating with OTA. Even if power is hard cut to the ECU mid-burn. Just power it back up and hit update again. It’s a really robust process.

If you have a couple minutes, create a build thread for each over in the Powersports section with some pics, I’d love to take a look!