Model airplanes

I’m looking at this option to EFI model airplane engines in the single to dual cyl configuration will this system work with 2 stork engines? How compact will the wiring and ECU be and will the throttle accept pwm servo signal input?


The short answer is yes, but I think we’re a while off from officially supporting 2-strokes. Here’s a more in-depth answer:

Currently board v0.2.0 measures 2" x 3". However, I’m already working on miniaturization of the PCB for the next board version. This is 2" x 2" (52mm x 52mm actually) in progress:

I intend to keep iterating on size. There’s significant interest in the commercial UAV space. Some notable manufacturers have contacted me already. Eventually, I see a need for “NanoEFI Lite” which is more specifically tailored to UAV aircraft and other extremely small bore applications.

As far as the harness, we can come up with something appropriate. I want to stay away from making dozens of harness versions in-house. With that said, a “universal” harness layout for UAVs in general would be doable.

Any chance of this layout being available with a 90 degree connector? Just comparing to the competition, this would make it roughly half the size of the microsquirt, but with the cables going off at a different angle.
Not sure it’s necessary, but i suspect the question will come up.