NanoEFI for classic Triumph 6 cylinder?

yes I know there are several alternatives out there.
But I like the idea behind the NanoEFI.

Small, robust and hopefully not expensive. :wink:

The TR6 has 2 CV carbs which I want to use as throttlebodies. I want to install two injectors between manifold and the carbs via adapter plates.
Ignition via single coil and fixed distributor.
Trigger via trigger wheel or distributor.
Water temperature sensor.
Intake temperature sensor.

Do you think it is possible?

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This is definitely the kind of thing I’m talking about.

There are probably millions of old carb bikes that are parked because they have terrible carbs.

An EFI solution just has to be near the price range of overhauling carbs (which ain’t cheap or easy for most people) to be a viable option.

for sure, but in this case it is an old british sports car.
But I think from a technical point of view this doesn’t matter.
It is a very simple technic, but it has a couple of cylinders more.

The air supply system doesn’t really know or care about the number of cylinders. On the most basic level, all it cares about is air/fuel ratio in and/or air/fuel ratio out.

As long as it is capable of accurately measuring and metering both, it should work.

Of course, there is a lot more to it when it comes to fine tuning and maximizing economy, drivability and performance, but just getting it to start, beats carbs 4 times out of 5. :+1:

PS…I do love the TR-6.
PPS…are you planning on replacing the curse of Lucas: Prince of Darkness, with electronic ignition?

I’m currently building a new engine. The trigger wheel (60-2) is already on the crankshaft. The adapters for the injection nozzles are ready. The throttle valve shafts are sealed and have ball bearings. I am currently working on a solution for mounting the TPS.

And yes I want to make the ignition programmable, but the original distributor should stay in the engine bay. The vehicle should look completely original.

What I don’t quite understand at NanoEFI is triggering. Does it work like the Megasuirt?
Or do I need one trigger point for the ignition per cylinder?
Then the whole thing would work without a trigger wheel. I could then equip the distributor with a contactless ignition and would have a trigger point for each cylinder.
Or I could mount a trigger wheel with three trigger points on the crankshaft.

I read a little in the forum and in the NanoEFI specifications.

Trigger input is probably easiest if I have one trigger point per cylinder per ignition cycle.
Correct ???
Then it would have to work the same way as with a 1 cylinder engine.

The problem could be, that I have to divide the engine speed by 6 to have the real rpm.

A few more questions about the sensors:

  • Crank trigger for TDC and motor rpm
  • TPS
  • Intake temperature
  • MAP
  • O2

Did I forgot something?
What about the coolant temperature?

And is it theoretically possible to use the NanoEFI with supercharged or turbocharged engines?