Predator 500 question

Hello, I have a 2006 predator 500. It’s a 500cc single cylinder atv. I saw that there’s 2 options for throttle bodies currently. Any plans to release larger throttle bodies? According to specs, the current carburetor is a 42mm. I have been silently following your progress for several years now, cant wait to see what it can do! Thank you.

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Welcome @turboeverything !

I’ll check with my supplier and see if they have a suitable throttle body w/ sensors in the 42mm range. Fortunately, small/mid sized TB’s are becoming common enough that I can say that!

Excellent, thank you!

Also, any idea if there will be support for a turbo in the future? Maybe a 2 or 3 bar map sensor and a larger injector?

Absolutely. I have a VZ21 that’s been waiting forever to be paired up with nEFI.

1-bar MAP sensors are currently supported. Allowing for 2 and 3-bar should mostly be a matter of scaling the input value, and VE table. I’m sure there will be more to it. I’ll find out soon enough :face_with_monocle:

You can currently run any size injector big or small. As long as it’s 12v and greater than 3 ohms winding resistance.

Lo-z injectors are supported. NanoEFI has two injector channels, one is capable of peak-and-hold operation. The second channel is saturation/hi-z only.

Awesome! Can’t wait to fiddle with it!

Hey @turboeverything, thanks for waiting. Here’s the updated list of what I have access to right now:

• 26mm
• 28mm
• 30mm
• 32mm
• 34mm
• 35mm
• 37mm
• 42mm
• 46mm

50mm+ sizes are available as well, but they’re not as universal and would require some adaptation.

I’m so sorry! I have been remodeling my house and didn’t notice you had replied. The 42 or 46mm should work great. I’ve been looking at getting a vz21 turbo myself. Also have an AMR300 supercharger and the Eaton supercharger I took off my cobalt a year or 2 ago laying around in my spare bedroom. I’m thinking the vz21 would pair nicely with your efi kit. The anticipation is killer. I bought my wife an LTZ250 quad a few years ago with a destroyed carburetor and converted it to efi with a Chinese kit. Which, would work better if their software wasn’t pirated and half working. If you need a beta tester I would be happy to throw it on her quad or mine. Thank you for your hard work!

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No worries! I’ll be sure to pick up a few 42mm and 46mm throttle bodies on the first order for BETA.

Tell me about it!

What kind of issues in specific did you run into with the Chinese kit?

Thank you! :pray:

The only real issue I have with the Chinese kit is the software for tuning. I would have to look back to find out which one, but they pirated a software from years and years ago and adapted it to make it work. Only thing is, about 80% of the software doesn’t work. Making a change has no effect. There are also several options they couldn’t translate would be my guess, so they came out with very weird letters and symbols.