Predator 670 V Twin

Thanks for letting me come on this forum!

I am looking for a performance EFI system for a 670 predator engine, we generally delete the govenor, port the heads and install a makunie carburetor on each head and do afew other mods and take the HP from 22hp to 50hp it works ok but the carbs need adjusting when altitude changes
Would you have any interest in putting a system together that works for this engine?

@AChupp welcome to the forums.

That is a nice increase in output you are getting.
Currently there are a few projects that are v twins, which may utilise different methods of fuel delivery.

Have a look around the forums, you should find some useful info.

Thanks! I will do that.

Welcome @AChupp! :wave:

I’ve seen quite a lot of interest from the Predator 670 community. The most immediate technical issue is that the 670 charging system is only capable of providing 2 amps (if I recall). There are the alternator kits that are super expensive. I wonder if a less overkill solution has come out since I last looked.