Pricing, ordering

When will there be a price list and how to order?

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Welcome to the forums.
Travis is working hard on the development of nano efi, and although it isn’t available for sale as yet, it is very close to the beta testing stage, so hopefully it won’t be long after that.
Sorry I can’t give you a solid answer, but no one knows the details until it is here.

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I’ve been holding off on releasing firm pricing info until we’re just about ready to go.

I will say that the full NanoEFI single cylinder kit will (almost certainly) come in priced lower than everything else, including the currently $240 Aliexpress EFI kits. Keeping the price as low as possible has always been first priority. I’ll work at something an extra month if it means figuring out how to accomplish that specific thing without going over budget.

Gotta stay on target :dart:

With that said, It’s going to come down to the fuel pump and packaging at this point :crossed_fingers: