Racing lawn mower Beta tesing

1.Engine model:Honda gx390 Clone(Bison power 190f 420cc)
2.Engine displacement:420cc
3.RPM Range (Redline):5500
4.How many strokes:4
5.Number of cylinders:1
6.Engine shape (in line, V, etc.):
7.Carburetor bore size (inner+diameter):32
8.Turbocharged or not:no
9.Ignition Type (TCI or CDI):cdi
10.Cooling Type (Air Cooled or Water Cooled):air+cooled

If you need more information just ask :smiley:


Hi ivar…welcome! I too am doing some fun work on the GX series and plan on fuel injection. I am doing some 100CC and smaller FI setups, eventually. I am trying to upgrade the charging systems to gain some energy recovery for my tiny outboard project.

Your 390 should be fairly easy! Good luck!