Would like to convert a Gilera 600 Nordwest

I am looking to convert my old Gilera 600 Nordwest (1993) with an EFI instead of its double Keihin carb.
I know a little about fuel injection (the basics I think) and I will need to read some documentation to better understand what will be the different steps and constraints.
Here is a photo:

I’ll put some technical information about the engine and the electric circuit during the week :slight_smile:

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Nano will be just what you need.
The specs and wiring diagram will be a great help in figuring out what you will need to do.

Welcome @Kpek ! :wave: Nice bike!

Yes, that’ll be a big help. Screenshots of the original manual pages would be great. Electrical and ignition timing info, if you can find it.

Sorry for my silence.
Basically, I wanted to use the intake, injector and throttle body of a Yamaha TMax 500.
Then look for a fuel pump, a lambda probe and the injection management, but there may be compatibility issues. And maybe that’s not a good plan. I need to research a little bit documentation about that.

Here are some informations I get in the workshop manual remade by the Gilera Club UK:

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And here is a diagram (but at this time, I don’t want to bother you with that :slight_smile:):

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That should make for a pretty straight-forward install. As long as the pump draws less than 6a max, you should be able to run PWM regulation from the NanoEFI ECU.

For the narrowband O2, I recommend a one or two wire O2 sensor (unheated). NanoEFI doesn’t support heated sensors natively. Alternatively, you could use an external wideband controller. They’re getting more and more affordable.

If you run a 1-wire sensor, be sure to work in a ground lead as close as possible. Exhaust gaskets and paint can be problematic.

Thank you very much for the advice Travis. Do you know if the NanoEFI ECU will be able to use the MAP and TPS sensor of the TMax throttle body ? TPS usually use something like a 0 to 5V signal ? I’ll look for informations about those sensor.

I don’t yet know the difference between heated and unheated sensor, but I’ll read about this.

Ha, I have to read this topic : Roadmap to BETA in 2020 (Progress checklist + Useful info)
It seems to be usefull informations there ^^

Edit : Will it be possible to sell and send NanoEFI internationally ? (France in my case)