Yamaha Mio sporty modified 254cc turbo

Hi thanks for adding me

My mio 4v 254cc

Ttmrc cylinder and piston 69mm bore
Ttmrc +10 crankshaft= 67.9 mm
Ttmrc 102mm connecting rod
Tsmp 4 valve head
26 intake valve
23 exhaust valves
camshaft specs 6.2 lift 235°.
38mm Keihin throttle body
14 holes Keihin injector
The head has been Port matched intake to head
Jiso head studs
Jiso 38mm intake manifold
380cc injector

Wf clutch bell
Wf clutch
Pitsbike torque drive
Ncy bore up drive face
Ncy bore up pulley set
Honda beat fi flyballs 13/10
1200 center spring
1500 clutch springs
500 cc starter
Big disk 265mm
Ncy caliper spacer
Elig ceramic brake pads

Water methanol injection kit
Turbo kit getting installed this week.

I’m a auto mechanic racecar builder for over 25 years and tuned over 500 Fi cars over the years Im a custom fabricator and engine builder and love to think outside the box this scooter started life as a 115cc 2v 7hp now making 38hp and probably 60+hp when the turbo gets installed I really would love to help in the beta testing and make this project Fi I was using another device and the ignition part of it just failed and doesn’t send any output to the coil and to make things worse now the company I bought it for stopped responding and had to reinstall the CDI and carb to be able to drive it again after looking into it they completely removed the Fi conversion kit from inventory so I can’t even buy another one for my project

Welcome to the forums @Stelios

That is one crazy build you have there, nano efi would work well.

Nanoefi is coming closer, many of us are awaiting its release, but @TravisNano wants a polished product, which will be worth the wait.

Nice ride! I have a Mio at my home in Thailand. A stocker, daily driver. If had $1000 to spend it would be to make it handle better, then some more ponies.
The Nano will be a great help to you!!

I I had the ignition side of my unit go out also. customer service was a waste of time anyway ,but they stopped responding. Basically it was a Microsquirt copy. I’m currently working a fix for it, if i can do it in a reasonable amount of time. I believe I can eliminate the CDI unit and fire a single coil.
let me know what system you have and if this works I’ll pass it on to you.