Yamaha tt, xt, srx 600 single cylinder dual intake

Hello im totally in at this point the second your product is available consider at least 2 of them sold and maybe more later.

Im looking to kick the carbs on my tt600 they are ok but I really want the control and efficiency of efi.
I’ve seen it done but only once and it was a spanish video.
besides it adds to the cool factor of running efi on a 35 year old dirtbike

I have already sourced a couple of used oem dual intake throttle bodies found mikuni and keihin so they should have industry standards as far as tps map etc.

To be honest kind of a noob to diy efi I now the basics of how it works and dont think wiring it up would be a problem for me.

A few questions.

1- initial setup is there a wizard to get a base setup parameters setup?

2- do you need a seperate controller to run a wideband o2 sensor

Hi Randy, I cannot answer all, but I like your application. I am a former road racer. Last bike was a “sounds of Singles” Honda NSR framed XR600. It too ran one carb for each intake port/valve. My recommendation is to think the same with FI. Not sure what you had in mind. If you are thinking to make it a Siamese port with one injector and throttle, it might be a tad easier and less expensive, but you will be robbing some potential.

I would keep with two independent throttles. You will only need one controller for both and coming up with tuning parameters will be much easier, as you can get the fuel flows from Mikuni or Keihin. With FI your throttle bodies will be bigger than the carbs. There are many thing to consider…like compression ratios. Yours is likely 8.5:1 range versus the newer bikes around 12:1. If I were guessing, without data, I would think that you would have two 38 mm bodies or if you choose a single, possibly a 42 to 44mm.

For comparison, the newer Kawasaki KX450F models have a single throttle body that is 43mm. Yes it is only a 450, but it is rear 13:1 compression and liquid cooled. Might be a place to start, as the head flows could be in a similar realm, total flow-wise.

FI bodies do not have the same air flow characteristics as carbs. There is usually a bigger difference in diameter inlet to outlet, thus higher velocity than a carb. (More air volume) Beside the KX, look at the TT650RE from the early 90’s. Same compression ratio as yours, but a different carb setup. A funky two stage that the Yamaha engineers loved. If you can find volumetric flows for that setup, it might help.

I have been doing much work with Honda CBR and CRF 250/300 engines. The 300’s run a 38mm throttle, the 250’s a 36. One setup for a 250 is to upgrade to 38, plus cams…You can buy those cheap from an OEM supplier or find them on eBay for sale. Then use the Nano EFI when available. Wide band O2 sensor should go in the collector.

I am sure Travis will have a “wizard”. Even the wizard, uses his own wizard…or magic wand.


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I believe the install experience and wiring is one area where NanoEFI is going to shine for newcomers. Doing “simple” is pretty difficult sometimes, but I believe we’ve got it boiled down pretty well.

Not yet, but there will be. As far as skills, I’m strong on UX and front-end development. It’s one of the areas I’m most familiar with working in the project.

Expect the process to be modern and smooth. However, I feel that the limiting factor for how well the various wizards work will come down to just how well we can abstract away the more technical aspects of injection tuning and setup.

Yes. While narrowband O2 is supported natively, to run wideband O2 features you’ll need a separate external controller.

I currently recommend looking into the 14point7 Spartan II:

or the Innovate Motorsports 3877:

Here’s are my thoughts on each:

Yes dual 28mm with 2 injectors no room to make it a single intake.

comp is 8.5:1

Newer kawasaki ninja’s have this throttle body setup along with yamaha and honda on some of their street models.

Only obstacle is throttle cable mechanism would need to be modified to suit due to space constraints.

Awesome a starting point on software setup is is good then fine tuning.
Im thinking you will have a winning product here with the features, ease of setup, and of course cost.

So before I do anything I’m going to work on upgrading my power generation and storage as a precursor to efi setup and also better lighting.

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