You are in Southside Virginia?!?!

I am in Richmond… I am a powersports enthusiast! Snowmobiles, Dirtbikes, ATVs, Streebikes, Boats, Planes… pretty much anything with an internal combustion engine!

I have an ODES ATI Thrasher 176cc Fuel injected ATV my son rides. There is no support for this machine. Fuel pump failed, I replaced it, the ECU is showing a red led, but I have no way to connect to it to read/clear codes. So I am looking for a solution to get it running (I have manifolds on order and a carb… but that is like going backwards).

I’d love to “donate” my son’s ATV for the project to see if what you have can get it running.

Welcome to the forum @maladjusted!

If you have a pre-existing broken EFI system, that means that you’ve almost certainly got all the pre-reqs to use nanoEFI.
@TravisNano will have to chime in, but as long as it’s not particularly complex, with some wiring and a little tweaking, nanoEFI can probably fit into your rig.
As always, any electrical diagrams you can post will help identify what may be needed. Any technical information on how the prior ignition timing system worked will also be helpful.

I don’t think @TravisNano is looking to personally tune any machine, but doubtless he’ll be willing to provide info on applying the nanoEFI to your machine.

Welcome @maladjusted! :wave:

Oh yes! I’m from good ol’ southside VA, through and through. I actually moved further down south a ways about a year ago though.

The ODES Thrashers look great. I’m very familiar with the GY6 engine, looks like yours is a GY6B. I’m curious how they calculated 176cc, it wouldn’t make much sense to produce a jug size between 61mm and 62mm when both already exist (170cc and 180cc respectively).

Would you mind uploading pictures for me of a few different things on the bike? That should be enough to get an idea. I’d like to see their setup, and we can work out how to go about an install with minimal fuss.

Do you have any documentation at all on the existing injection system?

EDIT: Answered my own question with my own GY6 bore/stroke calculator from forever ago. The 176cc must be a 61mm bore and 60.3mm stroke combination. Very nice. There’s a lot we can do with this on power :+1:

Let me know what you would like pics of… I have no documentation at all… their factory support is horrible. Even the parts suppliers for Coolster are sheisters… I have 3 manifolds on order to install a carb to get this thing running. (Over a month now and no callbacks on inquiries…grrrr).

Don’t really need power increase per say… just to make it run!


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