1969 MTD Rambler w/Subaru EX40 Assin AMR 300 roots supercharger

I’ve been working on a 1969 MTD Rambler mini bike build. The bike is powered by a 404cc ohc Subaru engine using a 40series Comet driver and 44 Magnum driven 3.80 gear 15" tire on the original 6" wheels. I’m running an Assin AMR 300 supercharger 1:1 pulley ratio producing 12 lbs of boost. After trying to do a modified blow through carb and failing to do the research on it thoroughly enough I attempted to try and run the engine only to experience the engine start , run lean and then shut down due to the boost pushing the gasoline out of the carb back into the gas tank. I was advised to run a high pressure fuel pump with a fuel regulator with boost reference port.
In my opinion to use fuel injection for a fuel delivery system is the best solution for my issue and the bike would probably perform better with it than a carburetor. After trying to purchase the Ecotron efi system and then to be informed that they no longer carry the systems for small engines I have been searching for a system to use. The nano efi system sounds great and I desperately need it to bring closure to this project which had gone on for several years and a great deal of money. The small engine scene is having a resurgence and in the Atlanta area I would like to set the standard for what a highly modified sleeper mini bike should be.
To be able to openly show how this system works and what it does would only infuse more interest in the scene.
Please inform me as to how I can get this system or something comparable so that I can put it back on the road. It’s been down for a year now and getting it fixed now in the spring the bike can help to bring up the possibilities one can achieve when you take your concept and make it real.
Help me to get my bike back on the road and to establish a new standard for the small engine scene. Most Respectfully, Jeff Matherlee

Hi Jeff.
Welcome to the forums.
That sounds like a pretty impressive setup, I’m partial to superchargers myself.
Trav is working hard on the project, and there are quite a few of us waiting for the final product.
There isn’t a final timeline, but it must be getting close.
Trav should be due for an update soon.