3hp Kohler to EFI

I have a go cart sized Model T I am restoring called a “Tin Lizzie”.
Shriners used to drive them in parades.

I have a small machine shop. Bridgeport, 13 x 36 metal lathe, surface grinder, 8" shaper, and a small horizontal mill. I made a primitive throttle body that housed a fuel injector and a TPS sensor.

I have 10 years of experience playing with microcontrollers. Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and have made a small engine run before with fuel injection. My problem is how complicated and the bulk of the system had become before I had enough to make it run.

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Welcome @rayresac! :wave:

No kidding :sweat_smile:

Bridgeport mills are great machines. Have any pictures of your setup that you wouldn’t mind showing?

As for the 3HP Kohler, does it have an existing charging system? If not (or if it’s not strong enough) we’d need some way to pressurize your fuel for injection.

I have thought of two ideas for electrical power.
I have a small alternator with regulator i considered.
I thought of making a permanent magnet / wound coil alternator integrated under the flywheel cover, with a regulator of course.
Either way I would use a small 12v battery in the system.

most recent, i have found a 3 phase brushless servo motor with a bad encoder on it, but motor is just fine. I have found a design for a regulator that will work well.