Another DR650 Rider

Following your progress on the controller. Thanks to takophiliac for posting this over on I’m very interested in the latest tech for EFI.

I did my DR650 EFI/ignition project 10 years ago with a MicroSquirt controller. So much more EFI development and componentry available since then.

Looking forward to following along…


Welcome @mxrob! Glad to have you here!

Awesome install and fabrication. I might cheat off your notes for model specifics when DR650 beta builds start, if you don’t mind. Thanks for keeping a record, I’ll read through more fully and see if there are any areas that NanoEFI may already be able to improve the conversion experience.

Looks like you guys have a good sized thread about NanoEFI cooking up over on DRRiders, I’ll drop by this evening!

Hey Travis:

I’d be glad to share any info I have that might help you with the DR650 beta builds. Anything that will benefit the DR650 community is a good thing IMO.

Yeah, if you have time drop in over on DRRiders and update the beta process for the DR650. Even though there are a lot of DR650 riders that have the “I want to be able to fix my machine with just a crescent wrench” mentality, which by no means am I knocking, but there will be plenty of DRRiders that will be interested in your project and potential build. I was PM’d many times about putting together an EFI “kit” after posting the project on Thumpertalk and DRRiders.

You’d certainly have some interest and we have a lot of members all over the world.

It is my plan to do another EFI project using the latest version of the MicroSquirt on my 05 DR650 that I will be converting to a supermoto machine. But that is down the road at least a year or more from now so maybe you’ll have your DR650 beta project done and you can save me a lot of work. :slight_smile: