BETA tester for 2 stroke

Hello everyone !!!

Really interested to be a beta tester of NanoEFI and I think I have a great candidate engine !!!
“see my post (Arctic cat snow pro 500) in the garage tread”

About me:
I’m an electro technician, owner of MAX Energie (renewable energy, automation, electronic an electrical) located in northern Quebec (Canada)

I like building, repairing and modifying stuff… it’s my life!

Looking forward to help you on testing and sorting bugs out


Hi Max, I just found your thread…Though I know how tricky two strokes can be with FI, I just found a Yamaha Waverunner 500, from '89 in very good condition. Though I am not sure about the fuel side yet…I want to use the Nano for ignition control.

Simply, the OEM CDI has a low rpm rev limiter and rather timid advance/retard…I am bumping this engine from 32 hp-ish to over 60, thus need some ignition help, My first limit though is the crazy exhaust.

Wonder what the sno-crazies do for older 2T’s? Travis knows about my other projects.