ECU for Aprilia Pegaso 650 ie

Hey Travis,
I have i Aprilia Pegaso 650 ie with no hope off flashing the ecu on the bike so I was scanning the web and saw the nanoEFI this look mush cooler/better then the other Speeduino or Rabbit ECU.
My engine has 2 injector, gas-position, air temp, water temp coil position.
this engine has 1 cylinder with 5 walves but only 49 HPonies. 650 KTM has 80 HP
I believe the ECU is where I can find the HP :smiley:

My skills:
I havesome mekanik skill and Arduino and Raspberry pi programming skill and ESP32
i have made 5 3d-printer from scratch and 3 CNC routers

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Some pic. od ECU
Aprilia Pegaso 650 ie ECU connections

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Welcome John! :wave:

Great info, looks like there should be no real problem on the hardware side. The only potential issue I immediately see would be managing the fuel pump externally if you plan to use both injector channels on the NanoEFI ECU. There are a few options for resolving this but I’d need to dig deeper into the machine’s specifics to make a recommendation.

What year is your Pegaso 650?

And do you have any pictures of yours that you could upload? I’d love to see it. Thanks!