EFI for 250cc CCW Heist

Hi there,
I have been following NanoEFI for years since discovering the project while researching options to EFI-up my Cleveland Cyclewerks Heist bobber.
The engine is a 167FMM which is effectively a 250cc clone of the old Honda CG125 engine. Bike currently runs well as is a daily commuter doing 60km per day with a 30mm D-slide carb. I’m sure the electrics will be up to converting to EFI as I’ve changed out the headlight to LED so there is spare capacity in the system.


Looking forward to being a '‘guinea pig’ as I know this engine is very popular and is used in many dirt bikes around the world.
Cheers from Downunder!

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Welcome to the forums @Heist

What part of the country are you from?

With the huge variation in temps some parts of our country get, the Nano system will be great.

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Welcome @Heist! :wave:

Nice bike! You’re right, I previously owned a Hawk 250 with a 167FMM variant (230cc). I didn’t get a chance to dig into the electronics at the time. When the time’s right I think I’ll get another “for testing purposes” :grin:

Thanks for joining!