Experience YES, but

Travis ands others. I would have loved to participate in the Nano Beta, but I am not sure I could add value.

I am a Mechanical Engineer, with process and designs and control systems experience. My best project is a CRF-250L that started life with 18.1 hp. Now has 27+. It does not have Honda PGM EFI, but uses an API-Tech controller for injection and ignition, but has limitations.
While I would enjoy the Beta…I could only test the ECU and such. The throttle is too small.

On the other end…I want to develop/use the Nano for 50cc to maybe 200cc Honda small engines. GX series and such., We build small surface drive outboards for fun and utility and racing boats.

My most fun success was a Microsquirt/Honda S-600…long stroke 1965 engine.

Awesome! You can definitely add value! I believe Travis should be around here a little later. Sounds like a cool deal you got going!

Thanks @ThaiGyro :+1:

What did you like/dislike about your experience with the microsquirt system?

For both the 50cc and GX series engines, the challenge is getting them to produce enough electrical power to support a fuel pump. There was some good talk on our old forum about developing a low-amp 12v pump. I’ll bring the information over and start a new topic today.

The micro squirt, is fine for an old platform, but really too bulky for a motorcycle. It was easy enough to program and play with, but no Bluetooth feature, and no Mac capability. We have 5 or 6 Macs…now one HP server and a Surface Pro tablet. My phone is so much easier to tune with on the road.

Good feedback on the micro squirt.
I haven’t used one, but looked into it a little and my initial impression was it would do the job but was a bit overkill for a single cylinder smaller cc bike engine.