GY6 150cc Maddog/ Ruckus Clone

Hi Travis! My name is John Adam and I am a big supporter of your Nanoefi and what if could mean for current and future builds. Thanks for adding me to the forum and I hope I can contribute some helpful feedback if I could be selected for a beta unit when you are ready for this step. I have two scooters, one which is completed and the other undergoing an extensive build. Both are Maddog Icebears (50cc and 150cc). The completed 50cc Maddog (Red) 8 pole stator as well as the 150cc Maddog (White) undergoing an 11 pole stator conversion as well as many other upgrades in my workshop are begging for an alternative solution to the dreaded carburetor headache. I hope you will consider me as a viable option. I am a member of several FB communities where I have earned respect with my builds, contributions as well as creative and inventive ideas which have proved value amongst my fellow forum peers. I know it would prove to be resourceful and profitable if given the opportunity to demonstrate and showcase this product.

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