Hello, and a new Chinese EFI bike rider (RPS Hawk 250 DLX)

Hey there,

Bumped into this project on reddit while researching some of the components on my 2020 RPS Hawk 250 DLX. It’s the same old usual CG Honda clone, except they threw on EFI and USD forks.

I’ve been documenting its EFI system here in my spare time (mostly for when I need spares): https://www.ecimulti.org/hawk250/fuel_injection/index.html

Suffice it to say, its a pretty basic returnless system using the Loreada throttle body (32MM) as I’ve seen you are already looking at on this forum. The ECM itself is the Delphi MT05.2, which as some of you know has been around forever. I have not had a chance to take off the stator cover yet to see what they’re doing for triggers on the rotor yet. They are not using an external CDI or anything like that though.

I will be honest, the bike runs great… but EFI is a hobby and I’d love to have some tuneability without buying proprietary tools.

I’ll keep my eye on the forum, but would certainly love the opportunity to give this system a try. Given the bike is already EFI, making a conversion harness should be trivial.

See ya around.

Welcome @Gimpster! :wave:

I briefly owned an RPS Hawk 250 a couple years ago. Great little bike, although mine was the earlier carbureted version. The forks did need some work, I’m happy to hear they’re continuing to making improvements.

Great info, thank you!

Sounds like the conversion should be pretty straight forward. If you do get a chance to check out what they’ve done for triggering, I’d love to see!