Honda Ruckus NPS50 50cc 2003 EFI


My name is Grant and i have a 2003 Honda Ruckus /w the stock GET Engine. Love this project since it seems like the right kind of hardware & software that I’m used to. I’m familiar with the Arduino IDE and have made a few PCB’s for custom LED controllers. I’m not much of a software guy, but handy with a torque wrench and a soldering iron. I’ve dabbled with 3D printing and Jig making for friends that do woodwork and metal casting. I also have a 1977 Toyota chinook (With a 20R engine) that I’m getting setup /w a Holley Sniper EFI so I’m getting more familiar with fuel injection these days.

This project seems to be the most developed and open from other small engine EFI projects out there. Looking forward to the future and getting to contribute monetarily & in person if I can.


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Welcome to the forums.

Travis has been working away, adding some excellent features to the nano project, and we are all eagerly awaiting it to be released into the wild.

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:wave: Welcome Grant, and thanks for your support! :heart:

I had a Honda Ruckus some years ago, they’re awesome scoots. I still have the original GET engine from before swapping to GY6. It’s a state away in storage right now, I’ll have to try to get it down here soon.

NanoEFI as a project is closed-source, but I take as much feedback as I can for feature requests.

Thanks again and welcome to the team!