I would like to sign up for your Beta testing

I would like to sign up for your Beta testing if your still taking people.

I’m a game developer (VFX/Technical Artist) by day, so I have a lot of experience using high end software and proprietary tools.
And I’m a gearhead/tinkerer by night. I tend to love anything with a motor, cars, trucks, motorcycles…old tractors.

I have a few smaller vintage bikes that I mess around with so I’m looking for an EFI system that would work on a smaller cc single cylinder engine.
I have more motors that bikes at the moment (I keep upgrading things I guess)…50cc, 72cc, 88cc, 140cc…

I’m pretty sure any of them will do the trick, but the 50cc would need the stator/magneto upgraded to support a charging system.

The 88cc and 140cc already have CDI boxes and the 140 would be my preference for the Beta testing since it’s on my weekend cruiser.

I guess a little more info about my skill set and what I hope to contribute wouldn’t hurt.

  • I’m conformable with wiring and modding things and did a little arduino dabbling in the past.
  • I’ve rebuilt a half dozen motors and installed a few big bore kits with success (full tear downs - split and powder coated the case).
  • I like to build custom wiring harnesses or fab up custom brackets (I’m pretty sure chicks dig that sort of thing!).
  • I just gave my neighbor my 3d printer because it never preformed like I wanted and with as cheap as the resin printers have gotten I think I would go with one of those on my next go around.
  • I recently got a cnc plasma cutter to scratch my maker itch and it works really well, so I’m more than happy with that purchase.

I would gladly pay for any parts and shipping if that helps ease the financial burden.
Let me know if your interested and I can get you more info.

Thanks and good luck,