I would love to be a part of this project!

I am currently installing a chinese EFI system and a turbo on a Bayou 300 4x4. When i’m able to get my hands on this Nano unit, the chinese system will be scrapped. I have two of these kawasaki’s they are old beat up and they just wont stop. Bayou #2 will be supercharged. I want to make these machines leave the big engine quads stuck in the mud and outa gas. About myself, I’m 53 years old, my first build was a go kart with a 1983 CR80 engine. My most recent build is a frankenstein TRX125/200/a few frame parts of a ATC185 (for my nephew). Im working on my Bayou as i mentioned and rebuilding and upgrading my buggy. My goal is to start a business building custom UTV’s, AVS’s, and accessories. And to have a Nano EFI on every four wheeler in southern Ohio.