I would love to be a part of this project!

I am currently installing a chinese EFI system and a turbo on a Bayou 300 4x4. When i’m able to get my hands on this Nano unit, the chinese system will be scrapped. I have two of these kawasaki’s they are old beat up and they just wont stop. Bayou #2 will be supercharged. I want to make these machines leave the big engine quads stuck in the mud and outa gas. About myself, I’m 53 years old, my first build was a go kart with a 1983 CR80 engine. My most recent build is a frankenstein TRX125/200/a few frame parts of a ATC185 (for my nephew). Im working on my Bayou as i mentioned and rebuilding and upgrading my buggy. My goal is to start a business building custom UTV’s, AVS’s, and accessories. And to have a Nano EFI on every four wheeler in southern Ohio.

Update- Don’t waste your money on the MOTO EFI from Ali-express. They are using modified version of Tuner Studio that has a few pages that can not be edited without bricking the ECM.
so I,m holding out for a NANO.

Yeah that system not worth it. The throttle body options etc are nice, but the ECU is limited to say the least and the fuel pump is kinda rediculous for the price. The throttle body options are nice though, so at least you have those.