New to the forum and this is my project

Hi there,my name is Peter. I am from Germany. I am 52 years old and m hobby is rebuilding historic motorbikes. In this connection I am interestet to join the BETA phase of the project. Goal is to add the EFI to a 1958 AWO Touren single 4 stoker. The engine ins modified from 250 to 350 cc. The carb is always a problem on this bike. So I hope to get the maximum power with an EFI. I will try to hide the injector body in a old Carb housing to keep the bike looking old. This is a picture of the bike:

and a video from the first run fo the engine I build:


Welcome to the forum Peter.
Awesome project, there are a few of us that are looking to efi the older bikes, although yours looks the oldest by far.
Doing a stealth install might be tricky, as there doesn’t look like many places to hide things on your bike, but will make for an excellent challenge.

Thanks Albi. Yeah, with such a basic bike, there is not so much free space to package the bits and pieces, I know. I have a little room under the fuel tank for the pump and I can add a fake battery case to fit the electronic in. The good thing is, that the engine is alread running on a GY6 CDI ignition and 12V. A small Li-Fe batterie is squeezes into the headlamp.
I am curious to see, how the character of the engine might change with a reliable fuel system.

Welcome @Bastelpeter :wave:

Great bike! Do you have any specs or information on the engine’s 12v charging system? I’d like to take a look.

Interesting, did you mount in a normal GY6 sensor to trigger the CDI?

Hi Travis, thank you for your comment. Actually it is the entire GY6 generator and ingintion system adapted to the old engine. The pickup is exactly the one on the photo. Basically this parts:

Edit: here is a short video showing the first rebuild runing on the GY6 alternator and CDI.

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That’s great! Looks like the 11-pole version from what I can see peeking in through the rotor slots. That’ll do just fine for NanoEFI.


Awesome conversion. Did you have to machine the crankshaft directly to accept the GY6 rotor’s taper, or something like a tapered adapter?

Good eye:) I made a tapered adapter to fit the flywheel to the crankshaft taper. This ignition is really the best bang for the buck. I have converted all my bikes plus the ones from my buddy. So it fits to a 1950 BMW R25, 1975 Yamaha DT 250 and a 1952 Victoria KR26. I, know you might get this question over and over but is there any indication when the Betas will be available?

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