Small engine To EFI

Hello, i would like to join the beta program, i’ve already done some experimentation with various engines to control the CDI with atmega 328, in this time i also acquired a lot of experience with mechanics itself i would like to install the efi kit on honda gx390 because is a go-kart engine in my country and in another engine that is TF55 used in generators application. EFI will improve performance and counsumption on the engines, for the go kart example nano-efi have an awesome feature, the WiFi connectivity, this means that will be possible to control the power of the kart trought WiFi when the rental start and finish (right now they use a remote control rev. limiter to cut the spark). It woulbe be a very good project by my point of view, i hope to be chosed

Welcome @TheJoker187! :wave:

Kill over WiFI through Airtune works great. I use it all the time while testing.

For what I’m doing I prefer to kill fuel and keep spark to help to burn off any residual fuel in the intake. But it can be set to cut both fuel and spark.

And for added safety, one of the HICO channels can be used to control a fuel lock-off solenoid.

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Fuel and spark cut, mmmmmmmmm.
I’m thinking an easyish addition for the 4 wheel boys is traction control, maybe not so easy to implement for 2 wheels.

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I am also interested in the development of various injection techniques for 2-stroke
good experience of 2-stroke trimming at amateur level, but access to dyno, flow equipment, etc.

And is currently developing a sensor canbus interface for motorcycle witout ecu for esp32,
For the ability to use all mobile apps and canbus screens