Want to help test

I would like to join I am a enthusiastic engineer (15 yo) and would love to help beta test. I made a go kart with a predator 212 and have been looking for something like this for months. I am currently building a dirt bike from raw steel and a predator 420. I think that that would you would get great results from a custom bike so you could design it for pretty much anything. Making it modular would be EPIC because then there would be add ons that you could upgrade. Omg I have so many ideas for your company/business. Please respond ASAP.


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I also am a great electronics designer and have lots of experience soldering.

I also wonder where you guys are based in.

Welcome @datcat31! :wave:

We have quite a few Predator 212 and 420 guys interested. The 212 will be a tough one due to the lack of a charging system. I’ve heard of some aftermarket electric start kits, but haven’t looked too far into the charging coil or its power rating yet. That’d be a great place to start.

Virginia for most of the project’s life. I recently moved a bit farther south.

That’s great to hear :pray: What do you have in mind?

i have a 80 cc little scooter 12v magneto that might be compatible? how many amps is required? You might get some 10Ah LiFe batteries and hook 4 up in series. They’re 3.75V full and 2.8V Empty. They’re 60 bucks for 4 of them from China… that is the cheapest i could find them. Take a 3s rc car motor and use it as an alternator. I really like your idea. I wish I was local to you. I dont know if you heard about the DIY dirt bike frame and everything but that would be perfect for it.

I can (maybe) CNC some little boxes for a electronics case.