Want to participate in development

I have been looking for motocycles EFI for two parallel projects for a few months:

250 cc single cylinder

  • Throttle body of honda 125 (with injector, tps, temperature and pressure)
  • Lambda O2 spartan
  • Camshaft wheel home made with sensor honda 125

Honda 650 (twin cylinder)

  • Throttle body honda 700 deauville (with injector, tps, temperature and pressure)
  • Lambda O2 spartan
  • Camshaft wheel home made with sensor honda 125

I am a test engineer in electronics and mechanics. I was 10 years as an engineer engine map on a test bench.

Initially, I wanted to order a Speeduino but this NanoEfi project is nice.

If the cards are available I am ready for testing in July :slight_smile:

I am waiting too :wink:

Thank you!

Awesome, what’s the make/model of both vehicles?

Is that a Grom throttle body? I have one here. It may be a little too small for the 250cc. Are you open to using a larger size? Here’s the updated list of sizes I have access to currently:

• 26mm
• 28mm
• 30mm
• 32mm
• 34mm
• 35mm
• 37mm
• 42mm
• 46mm

The Spartans are nice! :smiley:

:wave: Welcome to you both!

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Fisrt motorcycle is an engine of Honda 650 NTV of 1989 mounted in a buggy.
Second is a Terrot (old french constructor) 250 of 1955.

I have chose a body of CBR 125 for the 250 because the initial diameter of the carburetor is 22 mm. It’s an very old engine … The throttle body of the 250 was too big for the space available and for my little valves :slight_smile:

A few years ago, I did a lambda comparison (Motec, Spartan, Innovate, …) and I confirm the Spartans are good ratio quality/price.

Do you think it is possible to buy dev cards for testing? I will make the harness next week … I would like to do desktop tests to validate the sensors and the characterizations …

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Hi again @alpha, no they’re not available yet. Right now we’re looking at approximately mid to late summer before I’ll be ready to offer ECUs and systems for BETA testing. That’s my best-case timeframe, but there is still lots to get done. They’ll be available as fully assembled/enclosed units. I can supply a pigtail if that’s better for your needs rather than a complete harness.

Actually, I don’t even have enough test boards even for myself right now :rofl: Board version v0.2.1 is getting an overhaul to accommodate the wire-to-board ECU connector. A lot of traces need to be re-routed and components moved around. I have two of my own engines waiting on these changes right now (instead of using more v0.2.0 boards). The updates will be worth the wait though!

I’d love to see pictures of the buggy!

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Very excited to see the evolution of the ECU, I am looking forward to also being able to carry out tests with the models on my market.

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