Will your efi handle my 2 cylinder

Hi I have a 1000cc 2 cylinder generator engine I have modified to be in a tractor but the constant carb tuning is very frustrating. Will this kit work on it? Or what do you need to know to give me an answer.
Thanks in advance

NanoEFI is capable of managing 1000cc or more. Generally speaking there’s no maximum engine size for nEFI (displacement), just that the engine is two cylinders or fewer.

Couple of questions:

  • What make/model is your engine and tractor?
  • With the generator side of things removed, what kind of charging system does the engine have now?

Things to consider: You’ll need an appropriately sized throttle body, injector, and fuel pump. Fortunately these things are much easier to come by in the 1000cc size range. I can help you track those down when the time comes.

In the mean time, I’d love to see some pictures of the tractor and conversion process. Let’s see it! :man_mechanic:

Hi the engine I am using is an Onan P224 it basically is a 60 cubic inch flathead opposed twin cylinder. The tractor it is in is a 1977 john deere 400 garden tractor. The frame, the front axle, and the sheet metal are the only parts I kept from the tractor. I used a different rear end and built a fully custom built clutch assembly. But I tried my best to make everything fit in the correct places to make the build cleaner. The engine is no where near stock anymore is has been bored and stroked to its maximum limits of the block. Also has a pretty radical cam and the carb is bored out. But I really only built this because I got bored last year and used to tractor pull and I needed to keep busy. My nephew will drive it all around but the carb drives me nuts anytime I start it up I have to get it to temp and readjust the carb and idle every time. It has a 20 amp charging system on it right now but I have the aftermarket 35 amp kit I just never installed it and I have the brackets to install a 35 alternator so power shouldn’t be a problem.


:heart_eyes: Incredible work! I’m looking forward to being involved! What inner diameter is that carb now after boring?

Are you planning to run full sequential injection with an injector for each cylinder? Or one injector shared between both cylinders?

Opposed twin crank animations are mesmerizing btw.


I would like to run two injectors if you think it will be a good idea. When you slow the idle down they start to run like a old two cylinder john deere tractor and it will only fire on one cylinder because it takes all the gas and and the other starves. It sounds really cool and it isn’t hurting anything just is odd. The carb on it right now is bored to 30mm it has tons of power but I used to 26.0 mm and it has a better throttle response but when it is on e 85 or methanol it really needs the big throat. When it idles on gas no matter what I do it runs rough at idle and sounds just like a harley, but when it is only a form of alcohol it will idle down to about 600 rpms and run perfect and never miss.

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I say let’s go for dual. If you’re comfortable with the fabrication to mount the two injectors, NanoEFI will run 'em no problem. Having with an injector in each port give you more flexibility in the end versus running a single shared injector.

I’m on board for building a custom intake if running 2 separate injectors is possible.

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We’ll get it done, and thanks for signing up as a Patron!! :heart: