Wish me luck!

Well, I finally have a two-day weekend off and able to dedicate to NanoEFI. Plus, the three-day holiday weekend coming up. So I’ll be able to really dig into primary task items, rather than the lighter prep/tangential stuff I’ve been clearing out of the way lately. Hoping to put a cap on a big milestone (maybe two), and then be able to show!

Building my last v0.2.0 board today. Plus a complete wiring harness.

Covering up the engine on the test stand and heading outside.

Time to roll around in the dirt a bit!

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So, how’d it go? Was luck had, or was luck fickle?

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Went well!

Started assembling the board. Looks like I rode hard and put the stencil up wet last time. No problem, just cleaned it up with some alcohol to remove the old dried solder paste.

Manual vacuum picker had some damage to the leads. Fixed that up without further incident.

Assembled the board in about an hour and threw it in the oven. Just like baking cookies.

The reflow takes 13 minutes to complete, so I went out to the Ranger to figure on the harness for a bit. I was interrupted by this enormous “giant” stag beetle. Big bastard.

I think he was just looking to help pick and placing those board components. Had to let him know he just missed the party. :no_mouth:

I had the sudden urge to 86 the Ranger and everything around it entirely. But before I could act, I took two steps to the left and was greeted by an Eastern Kingsnake passing through.

Left his card and told me to call when I’m ready for the wire tuck… :snake:

Iano tho… I think I’ll manage :man_shrugging:

After getting distracted by the local wildlife, the board was done cooking but still needed to cool down. Decided to grab a quick snack.

Yum :yum:

I ever mention I’m country AF? Now ya’ know.

Alright, here we go. Cleaned up the board. Inspected each solder joint. All good except the resistor network for the RGB LED. Fixed that, and bagged it up. It had a few other thing to get done Saturday, so this is how it sat overnight.

Sunday afternoon. Attached all the wire leads, which is not my favorite part of the process. Takes way longer than it should. But I won’t have to deal with this on the next board version fortunately.

I forgot to take pics at this point, here are a couple from the last board.

Now we’re making progress. Flashed the onboard tuner co-processor and registered the device to my account online in Airtune. Connected online within just a few seconds.

The the very last step… flashing the main processor over OTA. It’s the moment of truth…

Will it live?


Took an extra minute to fix alphabetical sort for registered devices in Airtune.

10 points to Gryffindor for anyone who gets the NX reference. :space_invader:


I’m impressed by your blue bent sheet brackets.
What are you using to cut, bend, and coat them?

I’d say meeting a stag beetle and a kingsnake are good omens, overall.

It might be rather enterprising of you to use the NX numbering scheme, and while i think it’s definitely an enterprising product, i don’t think anything equipped with it is going to go quite fast enough to be worthy. Maybe?

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The bracketry was cut with CNC Plasma. All the bends and holes are planned out in advance. After cutting, it’s bent (folded is more like it) by hand along the cut lines with just a pair of wrenches and a bench vice. I’m sure I’m not the first to do it, but I call it “pizzaboxing”. Super easy. Just keep the angle even on both sides and it folds right into shape.

The paint is Rustoleum 7524838, safety blue. I originally used it for the dyno and took a liking to it I suppose.


:grin: :+1:

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Looking good Travis.

Something next to the board for a size comparison would be great, to get an idea.

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Here you go. The current version PCB is a little smaller than a credit/debit card. My enclosure throws the comparison off a bit, but the board itself is smaller than the card by a few mm. Beta and first production ECUs will be in a much larger enclosure though.

We’ll keep getting smaller from here.


I like the clear perspex cover, not the you would normally have the ecu on show, but it would make for an easy show and tell when someone is interested in how your non carb voodoo machine works.


Can’t wait for it!
So much projects here to install the NANO.

Thanks for the effort mate!

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