Would like to help with Bata testing

I came across this form when looking to convert already EFI engine to a programable ECU unit (was going to go with a speeduino until I came here). It is a clone 420cc (not a predator), however looking through your forms I see you looking for straight twin testing, I have a opposing piston engine (Onan Performer 24) although It may not be an inline twin if it is applicable I would be willing to convert my skid loader to EFI.

I have worked in testing and development at an engine manufacture, and currently work for a lawnmower manufacture in T&D. I have 5 years in T&D, 12 years of microcontroller programing, 8 years of machining, fabrication, and CAD experience. I would be more than happy to help develop and test this. also I have to give you props on your “FreeWheel” build, it takes someone who has dealt with transient voltage issues within application testing to truly appreciate what you have done there.

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