Yamaha TW200 Model specific

Hello. I found you while looking for a fuel injection system for the Yamaha TW200. This is a small bike that Yamaha is still making and it just started it’s 34th production year. It isn’t a fast bike but it has a unique fat tire platform that has earned it a cult following. It is sold worldwide but I am mainly looking at the US market. They have never made any changes to the motor the entire time it has been produced. A slight carb and brake change was made in 2001 and that is it. There is very limited aftermarket support for this bike and there are really no motor modifications available. Two companies make slip on exhaust but no one is making a head pipe, big bore kit, HP head, etc. Most people do not modify their engines in any way, at most just a slip on muffler. So that would make it possible to create a true plug and play system that would work on almost every TW out there. The biggest complaints about the bike are the carburetor. They come very lean from the factory, are extremely cold blooded, and do not like elevation changes. All things that EFI could solve. I really think that once a TW specific tune is created it could be pre-loaded into the ECU and shipped to the customer ready to install. A model specific wiring harness could easily be made and this could be in basic production quickly. I would love to be part of the BETA program and would be willing to help with anything specific to this model that I can assist with, and possibly be a distributor in the future. Please let me know what you would need from me to get this started. Thank you!

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Welcome! I hear development is coming along, should have some more updates soon

The idea of model-specific kits raises some good questions for conversation.

I’ve known since the beginning that there are just way too many makes, models, and engine types for me tackle on my own. I’d get mired down producing, stocking, and supporting so many variations, rather than staying focused on development & innovation where I want to spend my time.

An answer that is thrown out often is the idea of hiring and building up an team at NanoEFI (the company) to handle model-specific kits for popular machines. But for similar reasons, I’m not really interested in going that route. I’m going to keep things lean internally.

I’d rather help guys like yourself @TWdon who are members of the TW200 community produce and supply your own model-specific kits based on the NanoEFI core. I’ll just be your supplier for pre-flashed ECU’s and other core components at that point.

I can help design the harness variant or other technical aspects if you’d like to commission me for that work, depending on if I’m available at the time. But I won’t be able to help with on-going production, logistics, customer support, or funding for the model-specific stuff.

There are some engines like the GY6 and Ranger 800 that I’m already deeply familiar with, so I do intend to carry specific kits for them. Beyond that, models like the TW200, KLR650, Grom, Predator 670, and many others are fair game for members of the community to jump in.

Hi TWdon, I am now in the US…and have multiple projects here and in Thailand. I just found a TW200 that looks quite fun! I do know the base engines well and agree that FI would allow this bike some options. That pipe is simply a low end torque design. Personally, I like that, though would enjoy playing with that and gearing…and yes, EFI.