Fly-by-wire electronic throttle control (NEFI Engine Dynamometer)

I promise I’ll be back (this week) to catch up on May and June progress, and recent forum posts. Thanks for your patience guys. Usually when you don’t hear from me is when I get the most done, so it’s not for lack of progress :sweat_smile:

For now, enjoy another bite-sized teaser!



A length of proper steel cable and a locked-angle pulley (for strain relief) should make this thing ready for action.

This ties in with the dyno’s handheld “remote” controller from last week. Fly-by-wire engine load testing… should be fun! :joystick::boom:

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On the one hand, fly-by-wire could reduce total equipment weight, on the other hand, the idea of having a toyota-style runaway is a bit terrifying.

This looks like it’ll be very useful for your dyno tuning, however.

No kidding. This one is just a dyno exclusive. Back when I was a bit “braver”, I used to run the controls standing at the dyno without shielding :skull:

No more of that… I want distance and thick Lexan these days :sweat_smile:

Yikes, i’ve seen some videos on the intertubes of v8 engines coming apart on the dyno. Would definitely not want to be anywhere near that.

Does it matter if it’s a 6.0L grenade or a .8L grenade? methinks not.


Don’t forget all the spinny whirly bits…

July 2020 progress update:
“I found out that the dyno has a built-in fingernail clipper feature…”