More goodies in for the dynamometer

I love this stuff :star_struck:

Relay block for all the high current and high voltage stuff.

  1. Hydraulic Oil Heater 1 (Pre-stage for 120v SSR)
  2. Hydraulic Oil Heater 2 (Pre-stage for 120v SSR)
  3. 12v Coolant Pump
  4. 12v Radiator Fan (Heat Exchanger)
  5. Engine Start Solenoid
  6. Ignition Ground Interrupt (OFF to kill)
  7. Ignition Kill (ON to kill)

Wanted a little redundancy with 6 & 7 for emergency stop :stop_sign:

16-channel I2C interface to drive all our relays and motorized “fly-by-wire” throttle servo.

Buck converter to power our throttle servo, 6.5v @ 3a typ.

And a nice four channel external 16-bit ADC for a bit more resolution and to save onboard I/O channels for other stuff down the road.

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