Forum Updates and Changes

I’ve made a number of changes to the forum that I feel will help us going forward.

Upgraded forum hosting to speed things up.
Also updated to the latest version of Discourse. Page loads are much more snappy now.

Removed the garage category.
I’ve consolidated and archived all garage posts which I’ll use as a reference going forward. Since I’m narrowing down the focus of the project to reduce the amount of work and cost required to get NanoEFI to release, it would be confusing to keep a section open which invites a lot of unsupported build ideas. At least for now, until we’re in a position to take feature requests.

I’ll continue to use the garage posts to measure interest/demand for various engine types, and will use the useful information uploaded (thank you). That’ll continue to go into decisions related to compatibility, same as before.

The forum will be more exclusive to active contributors now.
I’ve created new areas of the forum hidden from public view where I’ll be active and available to chat on a daily basis.

I’m open to sharing details more frequently, but only with a limited group for the sake of sanity.

Active supporters: Look for these sections to appear in your category list in the next few days as I go through the members list and add people. That goes for our Patreon contributors, as well as members who have helped keep the conversation going in a meaningful way (thanks guys). I’m interested in moving away from updates to more of daily conversation about “what’s new” that particular day. But in order to not lose my mind, I’ll only be making be opening this up to a small number of people.

I ask that if you are added (and interested):

  • Please participate.
  • Don’t be a hassle.

I’ll be pruning access if I feel you’re not interested after a time. Don’t get upset, just send me a message if you want to be added back.

For everyone else who has been following along (or coming in fresh), I’ll be adding an updated FAQ to take care of the newer questions I’ve been seeing lately. Normal updates will stay open for everyone to see as well.

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