I would like to sign up

I would like to sign up for a trail. I am currently a cnc programmer but I have over ten years in metal fabrication. Currently have a 350 Yamaha kodiak I want to convert. I’ve been building and tuning small engines for years. Everything from boat motors, sleds, quads to v6 dune buggies and other random projects.

Welcome @deadsqurrel, thanks for signing up :wave:

If you’d like to start digging in, feel free to create a Garage thread in the Powersports section for your Kodiak 350. We’ll use it as your build thread, similar to what I’m doing for my Ranger 800.

Pictures would be great, I’d love to see the machine. And if you’re willing to take a few measurements and work with me on some research that is specific to the Kodiak, we can help work out a good strategy to kick that carb. :+1:

Hey dead squirrel- Travis should be around shortly to speak with you further. Thanks for joining!!

Beat ya by a minute :grin:

Didn’t see that- okay great :+1: !

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I would like to get involved for a beta unit. I have been working on small engine for several years - since 1976. I would like to convert a Honda GX390 Industrial engine to fuel injection. This engine has the uses on several industrial applications. This has access to the larger charging systems to support the additional drain of the fuel pump, ecm, etc. This is one of the issues with small engines, the electrical draw on the charging system.
I have been a Certified Electronics Technician since 1982. I have also been involved in the hardware and software aspects of the PC/Windows environment including System Administration.
I have fabricated several items over the past years. I have rebuild several gasoline engine all the way back to a mid 1950’s Brigg and Stratton 5S. This 5S was only rated for 2 HP. By the time we were done it was pushing out approx 5 HP.
I have been involved in several motorcycle projects from a 68 Harley Davidson SS 250 Sprint, 1976 Kawasaki KZ1000, 1985 Kawasaki Police 1000, 2000 Kawasaki ZX-12R, and others.
This would give me a good project to work on. I’m semi retired due to a commercial driving accident and other medical complications. Sorry for the long introduction.
I would be honored to be included in the Beta Team for the NanoEFI project! Thanks for considering me!
Wallace Gustafson
Glendale, AZ