Most Frequently Asked Questions (Ordering, Testing, Timeline)

These are questions I’m paraphrasing from recent messages.

NanoEFI looks awesome, can I order a kit?

No, not yet. If this FAQ page is still up, it means that NanoEFI is still in private development.

I’ll delete this post when you can order a kit. Email notifications will go out to everyone letting you know… links to purchase will be all over the home page… you won’t be able to miss it.

Can I help you with testing?

No, sorry. I’ve already selected the group I’d like to work with for early access, many of which have been long term contributors. They’ve earned their spot and a measure of exclusivity.

I’ll only consider individuals at this point with very compelling and relevant engineering or design experience and don’t mind me ransacking your brain for pointers occasionally. Beyond that, I will not be accepting more entries into Early Access.

Why don’t you approach investors to get capital quickly?

I’ve sought out (and obtained) investments for other unrelated businesses. Although those deals worked out very well and continue to be productive, I know exactly what I’d be giving up when it comes to making decisions, and I’m not willing to do that here.

I’ve elaborated before, but put very shortly: success comes with a tight focus on what’s important. Not a shift towards shoveling something out of the door, compromised for the sake of a faster ROI.

Also related… I receive occasional investment offers that I know are legitimate, but much smaller than what would be necessary push things forward here quickly. I appreciate the time you guys have put into presenting your offers (I know a few of you watch for updates here). Thanks guys.

Have you considered Kickstarter?

I have… however, we’re no where near the point where I feel it would be useful.

We still have a good portion of development to get done, then our early access period, then a period of producing and supporting a limited number of units per month to weed out any remaining technical or manufacturability issues. At that point, yes a Kickstarter or similar campaign would be helpful to scale up from there.

Remember, I prefer slow and steady.

I’m in a hurry. Can I give you [some cash] for whatever you have right now?

No, lol. Do you want to burn your garage down? C’mon. :joy:

I’ve been following along. You started in 2015 and it’s almost 2023 now, you’ve had enough time. Why isn’t this done yet?

Ah, an expert. :sweat_smile:

To be fair, it’s clear to see how naively premature my posts from 2015 were. Progress back then was an Arduino and a breadboard with a bunch of wires hanging off, sheeeeesh.

I leave those old pages up because I feel like it’s an interesting story going from woefully underestimating (everything) that would be involved, to where things stand now.

It’s turned into a marathon run for sure, but we’ve come a long way. And the process itself has been an experience I wouldn’t trade.

Why don’t you draw a line on things and release sooner?

I have. See “Back to basics” section.

and I have. “The forum will be more exclusive to active contributors now.”

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