October 2021 Update: Full Time 🙌

Well, it’s happened! I can finally say that I’m working on NanoEFI full time! :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:

Technically I have been full time working on NanoEFI behind the scenes growing the company by building and selling non-injection products as a source of project funding since January 2021. However, the reason for celebration is that in the last month the business has finally reached that sweet balance point in which I’m able to resume work on injection in a sustainable way.

And it’s been a lot of progress for sure, with a little over 400 software updates/iterations in the last 30 days:

September to mid-October 2021 Updates

  • Migrated from Atmel Studio to Platformio (ECU);
  • Migrated from Arduino IDE to Platformio (Tuner);
  • Secure Tuner firmware updates via OTA;
  • Migrated “Pylon” to its own cloud-based hosting;
  • Improved Airtune™ ping from 100ms to 25ms;
  • Fixed a progressive slowdown glitch affecting multiple ECU OTA firmware updates;
  • Faulty ADC sensor input corrected;
  • Identified a hardware issue with PWM fuel pump control;
  • Moving forward with v0.3.0 board revision.

Congrats Travis! Though your bullet items are a bit-of-sky to many on your site…It is recognized as a big, big thing to many. Best of luck with kickin’ on toward a product that we all can enjoy!!

I am now in the States, but my Thai projects still in the binocular lens’. Let me know if you need any help on the mechanical end…Jay

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Awesome, I want to get my hands on some of the hardware bad. Please let me know ASAP. I don’t need any kind of ignition control, just fuel & air control, ~Zach

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Thanks @ThaiGyro. You’re right, I always find it a little difficult to represent progress (especially software stuff) in a way that’s relatable.

I’m beyond thrilled with each bullet accomplished over the last few weeks, several of which have been thorns in my side for a while.

However, I am particularly happy with the full migration over to PlatformIO. I went ahead and built a unified OTA programming interface for both the AVR and ESP that works natively with PIO now. Press “Upload” on either project and it securely flashes new hex or binary code (respectively) to the appropriate chip wirelessly. And handles version control/backups as well. Having one smooth unified work flow really, really helps!

Users will have access to the same OTA firmware flashing functionality in Airtune™, basically one-touch updates to the latest version and features. Think Tesla.

Will do :pray:

I’ll keep you in mind, thanks!

That’s some long awaited, beautiful news for sure. With Rolling Wrench and their recent release of a gy6 efi, I really can’t wait for you to come out with yours. Till then I’ll faithfully continue supporting you each month with the $20 donations as long it takes. Good things come to those who wait.

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Going full time a big accomplishment!

Good luck

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Hi Travis,
This is good news. So maybe in the springtime I can leave the carb for my supercharged 1951 Matchless G80 engine on the shelf. As soon as you have some drawings on throttle body (34-36 mm) please publish it or send to me. The head will be ported, enlarged and I will weld a mouting flange. Good luck. Janne

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Awesome work @TravisNano
Getting closer to your project becoming reality.
Great work on the fuel pump, 1.25A should be easily manageable.
400 updates in 30 days, your out of control.

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yes, happy for you !

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Wonderfull. Have followed for a while and would love to try one out. Now that you are full timing it, why not do a Kickstarter to get some funding and preorders?
Also ready to kick up my 600 ATV and do some beta if possible.