Retiring Patreon: Benefits Update ✅

Thank you!

I went ahead and unlauched our Patreon page today. You won’t be charged December 1st, or any time in the future. If you do see a charge appear, let me know so I can refund.

With the business and manufacturing side of NanoEFI doing well and generating a steady supply of funding, plus now that Early Access slots are filled up, I feel like it’s a good time to put a cap on accepting contributions. I really appreciate your support and confidence everyone, especially long-term supporters.

Benefits Update

Here’s a screenshot of membership tiers.

Top Contributors: Your spot in early access is locked in :white_check_mark:

“No-stack” $20 Discount Limit → All stack, no limit :white_check_mark:

Back when I created the Patreon page, I put a $20 discount limit (per kit) in place to avoid a situation where we’d run out of cash and be unable to send things out. There was no other source of funding at the time and I wanted to be careful. Here’s a screenshot:

That non-stack rule isn’t necessary anymore.

We have healthy sources of funding now, so let’s go ahead and nuke that limitation. When it’s time to release, I’ll apply 100% of what you contributed back against your Early Access kit price.

  • If you contributed less than the price of a kit, it will apply as a discount and I’ll shoot you a message about the difference.

  • If you contributed more than the price of one kit, you’re all paid up! I’ll contact you for your shipping address to send your kit out. Any remaining balance you contributed will roll over into a discounted second kit (and so on for our longest contributors).

This way feels right and fair, as some only contributed $20 then immediately unsubscribed while others stuck with it and contributed over $1000 in total :heart: If you’re the $20 guy, that will apply as a $20 discount to your Early Access kit and I’ll message you about the remainder before I can ship.

If you’re in the $1000+ club… first, you’re awesome. You’re covered for your Early Access kit, plus several more. Yours will be produced and shipped first, and you’ll have priority for software updates if you’d like to work with me to test out new features.

Thanks again to all who contributed!