Yamaha RD350

I would be very interested in adding this motocycle to the beta as well. it is a 350 cc twin that predates the liquid cooled atv called a banshee. very powerful but also a lot of room for potential to improve the performance and capabilities of the efi system.
Two stroke engines are used by rotax for aircraft and many water craft devices. so developing a fuel injection for a mid sized multi or single cylinder two stroke would vastly improve the life span of two strokes. As well as increasing efficiency to possibly pass at nearly zero emissions. Two stroke development has died because of its ability to burn clean due to the mechanism at which it oils itself internally. Mixing the oil in the gasoline is wrong by constantly being over oiled. by metering the oil injection you can achieve a nearly pure burn. It is just incredibly difficult to control oil flow characteristics in a turbulent environment. So that leads me to think that fuel injecting a two stroke will be more interesting if you try to cover all the faults with two strokes.

Also adding to the two stroke Fuel injection is that Direct injection has shown to actually be the best way to fuel inject two strokes, only for the fact that case or jug intake systems have to account for the air flow moving through either the intake ports on the jug into the lower crank case, or a port directly into the crankcase, then traveling around the crank due to the downward stroke of the piston pushing it into the combustion chamber above the piston then detonating the charge and going out to the tuned expansion chamber “not just a plain tube exhaust” to have a portion being harmonically resonated back into the combustion chamber to create better than 100% efficiency approx up to 120%, at the tuned range of the pipe, which created the phrase “coming on the pipe” since it creates a “turbo” charging effect which makes two strokes have the feeling of a much larger cc bike, and the fact it fires every cylinder TDC instead of the wasted cycle of 4 stroke and the reduced efficiancy. Most four stroke even well tuned ones will only reach the low 90% range due to design of the valves, cylinder fill, flame front, exhaust overlap etc etc.
The basic operating difference of a two stroke to four stroke makes them hard to inject as well as the dynamic compression ratio created by the expansion chamber effect. An 8.5/1 static compression ratio will rise to nearly 12/1 at an effective tuned pipe.